PGC lack of funding lies
By Ron Benjamin


The PGC lies about "Lack of Funding" since 1999 while they are FLUSH with Gas Money to the extent they can issue $55,000-$60,000 SUVs to (WCO’s) Wildlife Conservation Officers. WHY not just a $28,000+/- pickup truck for a field agent to go check SGL gates or check hunters to see if they are within their limit of rabbits?

I am sure those WCO’s enjoy all the "Bells and Whistles" of a SUV most hunters will never get to drive. All the PGC vehicles cost more than any home I ever lived in! Whoa, what a COUNTRY?

As for Marcellus Gas Money (since 2008) on Hunter-Owned State Game Lands, where are the REAL Numbers? Who has the "Bottom Line" on the PGC infusion of Gas Money? We hope the pending PGC Audit will seek out and find the Gas Money.






©2011 • Unified Sportsmen of Pennsylvania