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Special Olympics Event



Special Olympics of York has request Ron cancel this event.  USP Southeast Regional Director (Ron Cramer) and Starview Sportsmen Association in MT. Wolf PA deserve a word of thanks for all the work they put into planning this event.

Sinnemahoning Snake Hunt
June 8 & 10, 2018
Sinnemahoning Sportsmen’s Club
Sinnemahoning, PA

Annual Cross Fork Snake Hunt
June 23 & 24, 2018
Cross Fork, PA

70th Annual Flaming Foliage Festival
October 12 - 14, 2018
Renovo, PA






Sinnemahoning Snake Hunt 2017 Results


Thanks to Keystone Reptile club her is a list of winner at Sinnemahoning Snake Hunt:

Sinnemahoning Snake Hunt 2017 Results
Saturday 6/10/17

Heaviest Yellow Phase Timber Rattlesnake
Wendy Trayer
4lb 6oz
Elk Co Jay Twp

Heaviest Black Phase Timber Rattlesnake
Tyler Beale
3lb 11oz
Clearfield Co Covington Twp

Heaviest Copperhead
Donna Kime
1lb 15oz
Clinton Co Noyes Twp

Heaviest Non Venomous
Allan Hildebrand
2lb 1oz Racer
Elk Co Benezette Twp

As of 5pm on Saturday 23 Timber Rattlesnakes 3 Copperheads 9 Non Venomous snakes turned into Hunt Headquarters

Overall Hunt Winners
39 Timber Rattlesnakes 4 Copperheads 15 Non Venomous Snakes turned in for Hunt
Largest Rattlesnake 2nd Largest Rattlesnake
Wendy Trayer Ryan Murphy
52” 4lb 6oz 52” 3lb 12oz
Elk Co Jay Twp Lycoming Co McHenry Twp

Largest Copperhead
Donna Kime
35 ½” 1lb 15oz
Clinton Co Noyes Twp

2nd Largest Copperhead
Ed Kime
31” 12oz
Clinton Co Noyes Twp

Largest Snake of the Hunt
Allen Hildebrand
68” 2lb 1oz
Elk Co Benezette Twp

Most Rattles
Matt Deal
14 Rattles
Clinton Co West Keating Twp

Ultimate Snake Hunter
Keaton Bender
6 snakes
Red Belly, Rat Snake, Racer, Milksnake, Timber Rattlesnake, and Garter Snake
224 ½” of Snakes



Ice Fishing Derby “Results”
By Thomas Nawrocki


Click here for results


2018 Walter & Mary"s Ice Fishing Derby




June 25, 2017  Click here




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