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Pennsylvania Game Commission Audit


Auditor General Eugene Depasquale              Rep. David Maloney


PGC Audit Is Underway
By John Eveland


On February 20 in the State Capitol, Auditor General Eugene DePasquale announced in the presence of Rep. Dave Maloney that the official financial audit of the Game Commission was underway -- and overdue. Among other areas of concern, the audit will determine how proceeds from years of natural gas and timber revenues have been handled. Although the focus will be on 2014-17, that does not prevent the audit from going back much further toward answering related questions. The AG stated that he hopes the audit will be completed by the end of the year.

The audit will also look into wildlife management procedures, especially deer management. Illegal operations will be flagged. If the audit finds procedural problems, it could prompt change. Along with Rep. Maloney, Reps. Mike Hanna and Dave Reed have actively pursued the audit.

At the news release, Rep. Maloney talked about PGC's mismanagement of deer, grouse, and other wildlife, as well as PGC's inability and unwillingness to address major habitat problems. He mentioned the loss of 200,000 hunters due to PGC's wildlife mismanagement actions. The socioeconomic impacts to rural communities and the Commonwealth were a concern, and an associated $40 million in lost tax revenue that PGC's policies are causing.

The audit represents another major step, along with HB 1483, in correcting major problems that exist within the agency and that affect the multiple-use conservation of Pennsylvania's wildlife and forest resources. For now, the auditor general is collecting information toward this end. Unified Sportsmen has been instrumental in assisting in this phase of the audit. It is left to be seen what will be the official results of the audit, and how they influence changes within the Game Commission and the agency's deer, hunting, and wildlife management policies.


View the video of this audit announcement 2/20/18 (The Case for Auditing the PA Game Commission)

Below are a few newspaper releases to read regarding the audit.

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The Auditor General is looking for input from the public for any information that he can use to assist this investigation.   If you feel you have information to assist the AG with this investigation click here and submit the information or contact them at Department of the Auditor General Finance Building, 613 North Street, Room 23, Harrisburg, PA 17120-0018 (717-787-1381).   Your help is need to make the PGC accountable.


Please contact you representative and ask them to support this audit and bring Pennsylvania back to the top rated hunting state it once was.


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